XCS-2000 CNC Plasma Cutter

Whether you are a job shop, HVAC shop, ornamental iron shop, or manufacturer, you’ll appreciate the rugged and robust construction of the XCS-2000 Series of computerized plasma cutting machines. Built to handle up to 1 3/4″ steel plate, this machine will give you years of trouble-free production. Like all XCS models, a full featured automatic torch height control and is standard, as well as simple-to-operate SimplePath® CNC Control Software.

The XCS-2000 Series design featuring X and Y axes drives mounted on the overhead gantry means years of problem-free operation since there is almost no possibility of slag, splatter, or water entering and damaging the drives. The XCS-2000 Series integrated (but replaceable) water table, capable of handling large plates, eliminates the need for exhaust removal and filtration since there is almost no smoke. Since the parts can be handled immediately after cutting, higher production rates can be achieved. The XCS-2000 Series Z-axis travel is 6″ so you can cut up to 4″ square tubing.
CUTTING AREA  5′ x 10′ or Custom Table Size 
 Pierce    1/2″ (12mm)
 Edge Start 1 3/4″ (44mm)
 CONTROLLER  PC-based XCS SimplePath software
 X and Y axes: Servo motors to rack and pinion
 Torch height: Servo motor to ballscrew (6″ of travel)
TRAVERSE SPEED 900 inches per minute (max)
STANDARD PLASMA UNIT Hypertherm Powermax
Plasma Gas: Air
Shield Gas: Air
SOFTWARE Xycorp SimplePath
Features: PC-based, Windows XP
  Ohmic sensing
  Automatic cutting path control 
  Auto torch height control
TABLE TYPE Water Table
OPTIONS Larger or smaller plasma units
  Automatic parts nesting software
  Down-draft table with filtration
  Custom sized cutting tables
  Custom designed machines

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