Xycorp Inc, Engineering and Manufacturing Industrial CNC Machinery Since 1979

Plasma Cutting Machines

Full-featured Hypertherm plasma cutting systems equip with automatic torch height control, automatic cutting path control, and SimplePath® CNC control software.

EPS Hot Wire Machinery

Rugged-built CNC hot wire EPS foam cutting machinery for EPS panel makers, block molders, and foam fabricators designed for use in high production industrial environments.

Foam Coating Machines

Linear and radial EPS foam coating machines controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and designed for high output production of coated architectural foam shapes.

Foam Fabrication

Foam fabrication services for architectural shapes such as columns, crown moldings, corbels, window and door trim, theatre sets, three dimensional products, and signs.

Since 1979, the founders of Xycorp, Inc have designed and and built computer controlled industrial automation systems. Xycorp’s CNC hot wire EPS foam cutting machines, industrial CNC plasma tables, and automated foam coating machines lead the industry in innovation, engineering quality, and durability.

Xycorp was founded by and is operated by engineers with a passion for design, technical innovation, precision, and quality of service. The company prides itself on providing service that is second to none in the industry, offering lifetime support on every machine sold.


Xycorp, Inc.

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