Xycorp’s Arch Jig / Cap & Base Combo Machine

This unit is two machines in one – an arch cutter and a cap/base cutter! This foam cutting machine moves the cutting of detailed contoured arches and caps & bases for columns off of your CNC contour cutting machine. Your contour machine should be doing what it does best – cutting foam shapes! The Arch Jig / Cap & Base Combo unit can heat a formed rigid wire in a variety of configurations to produce an unlimited numbers of arched and round designs.

In addition to the Arch Cutting Jig Machine, this model incorporates a motorized cap & base turntable. Just set up your wire, adjust the depth, and crank your column caps & bases out for fast and consistent quality products. The wire heat and turntable motor speed are adjustable. This machine is a must have for any foam fabrication shop.

For questions about this machine or to order an arch jig / cap & base combo machine, contact us at 859-431-0060 or via the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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