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Since 1979, the founders of Xycorp Inc, Jerry and Greg Good, have been designing and building micro-processor controlled industrial automation systems with a dedication to quality and top-notch customer service. Through the years, Xycorp has helped thousands of clients achieve their manufacturing goals with robust equipment designed to stand the test of time in high volume environments. But don’t take our word for it — read what other customers have said over the years about their experience with Xycorp machines, products, and services.

We have a lot of experience with other plasma cutting machines. The quality and sophisticated design of the XCS is the best we’ve seen. Our operators are amazed at how simple cutting has now become. No more gcode programs or file translations are required. The machine comes with a local networking connection as well as a port used for online support and training. The industrial PC based control is state of the art. It’s fanless and uses a solid state hard drive.

Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturer

Thanks for giving me my life back. We used to spend our week ends cutting orders with a single wire. Now the jobs get cut and shipped within hours.
Hotwire Contour Machine Owner

I bought the XCS Plasma because it looked like the best-built machine out there and all components are included in the price. The SimplePath® software is the easiest software I have used. After purchasing the machine I was again impressed with the training and support that Xycorp offers. I was cutting metal and fulfilling orders immediately. I strongly recommend Xycorp, Inc. to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a Plasma Machine.

Job Shop Owner

We were sorry that we bought “the toy” before we found your machinery. We could have saved ourselves a lot of time, money and frustration.
Hotwire Contour Machine Owner

You made me rich!
Jerry M.

Foam Fabricator and Owner of 8 Foam Cutting Machines

The support of your products is great. When we have a problem or just have a question someone is always available and helpful.
Hotwire Contour Machine Owner

We previously outsourced metal cutting to a laser cutting service. After seeing the cut quality of the High Definition XCS plasma, we purchased the machine and are very pleased about the money we’re saving. Using our own XCS Plasma machine also shortens our time to market with new products. Service and support from the staff at Xycorp is excellent.

Aftermarket Automotive Suspension Manufacturing

Our machine is a work horse and cost thousands less than your competitors comparable machine.
Hotwire Contour Machine Owner

If you are looking for a good investment in a plasma machine take a serious look at XCS Plasma. The machine is fairly priced, simple to use, and comes with everything but an operator. What used to take 2 employees 3 days now only takes 1 employee 2 hours. Using the SimplePath® Software we are able to reduce waste. What would take 3 sheets of 3/8 mild steel is reduced to 2 sheets and produces accurate cuts. Needless to say we are very pleased with our equipment and the support and training that we have received.

Metal Fabricator

This drawing program is so much easier to use than our other machines.
Hotwire Contour Machine Owner

XCS has lowered metal cutting cost and because of the dross free cutting saves more labor in the welding department. Service and support from Xycorp is prompt and thorough.

Owner, Truck Body Manufacturer

When I started looking for equipment to manufacture structural steel components, my first thought was that I need a laser. In the process of shopping for a machine, it was suggested that I talk to XCS Plasma [Xycorp’s plasma division], who suggested that I look at high performance plasma for my needs. They explained that I could achieve near laser quality for a fraction of the cost and cut my parts faster and cheaper. The first base plate we cut assured me I had made the correct choice in selecting the XCS 4500 for my company. The holes looked like they had been punched and the finished part took less time that it previously took to drill one hole. In comparing the cost of one drill bit to the cost of consumables for the plasma, the cost per hole went from $60.00 to about $.025.

Structural Steel Fabricator

The best investment I’ve made. Paid for itself in less than 4 months!
Mark C.


Your XCS Plasma cutting system and staff are great! Our operators were cutting production orders after only one day of training.

Machinery Manufacturing Company

We are running our machine two shifts, every day of the week!

Metal Fabrication Shop

Large increase in cutting speeds and accuracy. Likes the automatic gas selection, large material data base, bevel cutting feature and the extended gantry for cutting large tubing and beams.

Foreman, Steel Fabrication Shop

These machines are easy to run and maintain. We are pleased with your equipment and will look to Xycorp for additional equipment as we grow.

Water Tower Manufacturing Company

The XCS machines with SimplePath software are so easy to learn our students quickly move on to designing and fabricating parts instead of learning complicated machine operation.

Instructor, Metal Fabrication Trade School

We cut a variety of stainless steel and mild steel alloys. One click in the XCS material database instantly adjusts all the gas and torch settings. This saves a lot of time and eliminates cutting errors.

Manufacturer of Water Treatment Equipment

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