When searching the market for a Plasma Arc Cutting Machine, there is a variety of criteria to consider before making an investment. At Xycorp, Inc. we offer a great investment in plasma cutting technology with our XCS Series of Plasma Arc Cutting Machines. Purchasing a CNC plasma cutting machine can be beneficial to your production operations and it is important to find a quality machine from a reputable manufacturer. One who can guarantee you will be receiving a top notch product.

Research Before Purchasing a Plasma Arc Cutting Machine

It is important that you properly research and inspect the design of the machine, to be sure it meets your specifications. In addition, the quality of the machine should be considered to assure it has a long lifespan for your shop. This will help to ensure that you get the most for your money. Since purchasing a Plasma Arc Cutting Machine is a large investment, it is important to buy directly from the manufacturer to get the best direct product support. This is important to ensure you are producing the best quality products in an efficient and economical operation.
A good start in your research, would be to consider the following criteria to ensure that the machine is up to your quality and performance standards to meet your needs:

  • Engineered Design – the design and quality of the materials used to manufacture the machine are a key factor in determining ease of operation and lifespan. Some designs have flaws and other imperfections that can affect the operation and cutting ability. This can result in a subpar product.
  • Filtration – another important factor is considering how well the machine can handle smoke and dust that are produced and how these are filtered to ensure your shop meets safety standards. These machines are typically filtered by a water table or a downdraft table system.
  • Thickness Capabilities – it is also important to make sure the machine can cut through the thickness of metal you will be using.
  • The amperage power level of the machine is another important factor to ensure that you have the proper cutting power to handle any job your shop may need to complete.

Benefits of Using a Plasma Arc Cutting Machine

Our XCS Plasma line of plasma arc cutters are not controlled by a computer numerical control or CNC but rather are controlled by an industrial PC that runs on a Windows based operating system. We us Solid State computer components resulting in no moving parts for the computer. These units are network and Internet ready, making support, training and operation quick and easy.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Give us a call today at 859-431-0060 for more information.