Hi All!!

Welcome to my CNC Plasma Tech Tips blog. My goal is to provide relevant tips to help with your CNC Plasma cutting. I’m excited about this as I really enjoy having discussions (both broad and specific) with people interested in the same technical things I’m interested in.

Please leave your comments here on this blog. We all have different perspectives on the topics here and I’d love to exchange ideas regarding them.

I guess since this is my first post I should formally introduce myself. I’m Greg Good and I am an engineer — somehow I get the picture of me standing in front of a group of people saying this and the group responds ‘Hi Greg’ :-). I have been involved in this industry for about 15 years and it continually intrigues and excites me. Easily amused I suppose…

One more thing – if any of you have a question, topic suggestion, or comment please let me know! This blog is designed to be a two-way street.