Industrial fabricating shops are responsible for creating individual orders for a variety of different companies. In order to create parts, signage, and other components, these shops use machines that can be specifically programmed to cut parts to the exact dimensions needed. Computerized plasma cutters provide the necessary accuracy, and power, to fill these orders quickly, and accurately.

The Process of Plasma Cutting

Computerized plasma cutters specialize in cutting through metal sheet, according to pre-programmed patterns. These patterns can be changed, and reused as necessary, for repeat /bulk orders. Once programmed, the machine cuts the design out of the source metal using superheated gas-based plasma. At a rate of up to three-hundred-inches per minute, the new piece is cut, and made ready for the next stage of assembly.

Benefits of Plasma Cutting

Computerized plasma cutting is a flexible way to serve a variety of industrial needs with a single machine. The software used to design, and cut, metal pieces enables machine operators to alter the initial patterns to create a more-accurate cut on the metal. When it is time to cut the metal, Xycorp Inc. machines are capable of cutting through up to two-and-a-half inches of steel, without stopping. Our machines can give you a more exact cut of metal without requiring any extra alterations.
Even though the metal has been cut quickly, the piece’s final quality will not suffer. Modern plasma-cutting prevents impurities from accumulating on the metal. This ensures a clean finished product, with minimal extra-finishing services required.

Long-Lasting Machinery

Unlike other equipment, computerized plasma cutters are built by with longevity in mind to ensure they will not break, or be damaged by frequent use. At Xycorp Inc., we build sturdy plasma tables, designed to withstand repeated high-production and high-temperature usage. Computer systems can be upgraded, and customized, to use patterns suited to a variety of different industrial needs. If a component breaks, technicians can do remote online troubleshooting, so you can continue to fill your orders.