It is certainly no secret that today’s businesses are looking to make every dollar stretch. They are also looking to get the best efforts from their employees. When it is time for companies to look for a new CNC plasma cutting machine, we at Xycorp advise they consider machine with cutting quality, versatility and durability. It is a capital decision, and one that should be made wisely.

Buying the Right CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The buying decision will affect a company’s bottom line for years to come. Companies in the market looking to buy a CNC plasma cutting machine should ask the following.

  • How durable is the machine? For heavy-duty cutting, a fully-welded design is crucial for proving the stable platform required of high-precision cutting. It makes no sense to cut corners and buy a plasma machine that will only have to be replaced in a few years.
  • Is the machine accurate from part to part? Again, this is a critical element. Inaccurate cuts have to be made again. This results in a loss of time and money.
  • Can the cutting machine handle today’s complex and precise cutting needs? It must. It must also be adaptable for additional software capability and upgrades. Versatility is the key that allows a machine to grow with your business.
  • Can the machine cut fast? The plasma cutting machine needs to cut fast and accurate. Otherwise, profits will disappear down the drain. There must be substantial gains in productivity as a result of software that is easy to use and compatibility with the nesting software.
  • Does the manufacturer or distributor provide exceptional customer service? Customer service is critical. Businesses need to know that questions will be answered and that downtime will be kept to a minimum when repairs are needed.

Customer Service

This is a full, not partial, commitment to customer service. Your machine’s design, construction, and maintenance contract have a direct bearing on profit. Therefore, the machine must have customer support for the lifetime of the machine. Downtime is unacceptable in an industry that never sleeps. Consider the XCS 3000 Series that we offer at XCS Plasma. It is an investment that will allow you to realize a robust return on investment.