A computer controlled plasma cutter is mainly used to cut a variety of parts and shapes out of metal plate, like steel or aluminum. This machine can also be used for cutting beams and pipes and can be applied to a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. The plasma torches on the machines that we carry here at Xycorp, Inc., are controlled by an industrial computer that runs on a dual core processor with Windows 7 embedded.

The Plasma Cutting Process

Plasma cutting works by using a high speed jet stream of hot plasma that cuts through the metal plate, which can vary in thickness. The plasma is produced by creating an electrical arc between the cutter and the plate in order to create the channel of plasma that is then used to make the cut.

Applications for a Plasma Cutter

This cutting process is mainly used for cutting through conductive metals such as aluminum, steel and stainless steel. A plasma cutting machine can cut plate into a wide range of curves, shapes, profiles, and angles. There are different type of plasma cutting that are typically used.

The most common use is for cutting 2D shapes out of plate in any geometry needed.

3D cutting uses a beveled edge to add a third dimension to the plate and is commonly used to cut more bevel angles and can also cut flat profiles. Tube and section cutting can also be done and works by having the material such as a pipe, manipulated by the machine where the cutting head can rotate and tilt to make a variety of cuts.

Our computer controlled plasma cutter machines are known for precision, speed and easy of use and can be best used in fabrication shops or even in industrial construction where the companies can benefit from the low operating costs and quality performance. The machining industry also typically uses machined or plasma cut parts as stock.

Benefits of Adding a Plasma Cutter to Your Shop

Our computer controlled plasma cutter machines feature a high performance processor that is passively cooled to prevent failure and compared to a CNC cutter, ours are much easier to use and operate. We also offer remote troubleshooting and support to help lessen downtime and keep operations running smoothly. A plasma cutter is a great addition and delivers precise cuts for quality part production.