As technology advances, companies across various industrial sectors are always looking for new ways to add value and increase efficiencies within manufacturing processes. Machines that have a proven track record of significantly improving operations throughout various industries are Hypertherm plasma cutters. These machines deliver accurate results rapidly with precision customers can rely on. When a manufacturer has an in-house Hypertherm plasma cutter, they have the capability to increase productivity and provide customized fabrication services in a very effective manner.

With the continuous advancements in technology, these plasma cutters have become highly efficient—rapidly delivering outstanding results with great precision. Truly understanding these machines and the capabilities they offer is important before making a purchase.

At Xycorp, we provide our customers with education on Hypertherm plasma cutters and other products to ensure they are able achieve superb cutting results for their clients.


Precision and versatility are the key hallmarks of these Hyperthem plasma cutters. Many plasma cutters are able to cut 250 inches per minutes – which is essential when there is a need for continuous workflow. These machines are made with easy-to-use technology, meaning operators can be trained on how to operate the machine accurately and efficiently in a short time.

XCS 2000

This series of plasma cutters is our most popular. It offers a rugged design and can cut steel plate as large as 3/4” x 6’ x 10’ at an operating level of 100 amps – it includes torch height control with plasma units.

XCS 3000

The 3000 series unit we offer is a high definition plasma cutter that is automated and includes advanced technology to fulfill your production requirements in an efficient manner. It is especially good for high-paced fabrication and industrial setting. With the XCS 3000, you can minimize labor time and overall costs associate with metal cutting.

XCS 4000

This model is our most powerful and has the capability to cut over 2” thick steel plate. It includes an automatic torch height control and operates up to 400 amps. This Hypertherm plasma cutter is perfect for many types of industrial settings, including a fabrication shop, job shop, ornamental iron shop and various other types of manufacturing applications. It is designed to last for a long time and provide many years of high quality production.