Xycorp’s Radial Foam Coating Machine

The first of its kind! Xycorp, Inc. was the first to design a Specialized Radial Foam Coating Machine for coating radius EPS foam pieces. This Radial Styrofoam Coating Machine has the capabilities of coating both small and large arched pieces. A slot is cut into the backside of the foam piece. The foam piece is then placed on the table guide that runs the full length of the arch table. A variable speed motor powers the pusher mechanism, which pushes the foam arch shape through the “mud box”.

As the arched piece enters and exits the mud box it goes through an acrylic set of tooling. The tools are the same shape as the foam piece except the cut out portions are larger than the foam piece itself. The gap between the tooling and the foam piece determines the thickness of the coating creating accurate, evenly coated EPS Foam arches every time! If using Xycorp’s very own Auto-Coat® foam coating material you will not need to mesh the EPS Foam prior to coating, however you should check with your local building codes.

The machine is controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and has proximity sensor switches to control and adjust the length of both the forward and return stroke. The forward and return speeds can be controlled independently. The controls are enclosed in a protective box secured under the table. 110V power is required. If using Xycorp’s very own Auto-Coat® you will not need to mesh the EPS Foam prior to coating, however you should check with your local building codes.

Not only can your profit margin greatly increase due to the added value in Coated EPS Foam Radius and Arch pieces, labor cost can be reduced given that the Radius/Arch coater can be operated by only 2 workers. This piece of machinery has been designed and priced to pay of itself with in the first year.

The radial coating machine compliments Xycorp, Inc’s. existing line of EPS Styrofoam Machinery and has the capability of coating up to 450 feet of arched pieces per hour in an production environment.

Xycorp’s Radial Foam Coating machine comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and a lifetime of telephone support.

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